7 Swoon-Worthy Vinyl Collections

Towering vinyl stacked in cavernous libraries. Album art reimagined as wallpaper. Epic murals inspired by vinyl. Here are seven swoon-worthy record collections to inspire your own Hi-fi experience.

Photo: Nara's Record Collection at LACMA



At MilkBoy Studios in Philadelphia, Questlove keeps a treasure trove of records stacked high to the ceiling. The studio’s bathroom is what houses the real vinyl gems, along with his Grammys and even a turntable.

Photo: by Eilon Paz


Color Play

The vinyl collection at Fox Music Company Indie Record Store in Watertown, Wisconsin, is a colorful conglomeration of records and vintage radios artfully stacked against exposed brick.

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Music Company Indie Record Store


Glass Library

Brad Miocevich of Perth, Australia, bought this vinyl collection from a local radio station and created a magnificent glass library as its new home.

Photo: by Brad Miocevich



Why show only the spine when you can see the whole album cover? DJ Shame’s stairway in his home in Worcester, Massachusetts is a wall-to-wall mosaic of vinyl art.

Photo: by Eilon Paz


Vinyl Mural

Record Street Brewing in Reno is inspired by the love of music and features an epic mural of stacked vinyl spines by Erik Burke.

Photo: Courtesy of Record Street Brewing in Reno, Nevada


Archive Exhibit

Record collector, music archivist, and expert in soul and funk Marc Janssen displayed his complete Motown collection at the Record Planet Fair in Utrecht in 2014.

Photo: Courtesy Marc Janssen


Basement Treasures

Joe Bussard’s golden-hued record collection is nestled in his basement in Frederick, Maryland. He owns some of the rarest 78s in existence and the record jackets behind him are all uniformly discolored from his hands sorting through them for the past 60 years.

Photo: by Eilon Paz