How To Make Your Vinyl Collection Last

One of our favorite pastimes is searching for rare, original vinyl records. To us, the sound of listening to an album on a Wrensilva HiFi console is unlike any other vinyl experience. It is important that you take good care of your collection – the slightest scratch can affect the sound of the entire album. Well-cared-for records can last forever, while neglected ones will quickly demise and become unlistenable.

How to Store Vinyl Records

Always store your records away from any extreme temperatures (i.e. not next to your heat vent). The Wrensilva Standard & M1 feature integrated quiet-run fans for cooling the electronics, along with an easily accessible disabling switch for black-background listening.

We always take good care of Bruce.

Keep your records vertical – protects the albums and also for ease of finding what you want to listen to. Every Wrensilva console comes equipped with either a rack or pocket to keep your albums in fine working order.

The Wrensilva Loft features a steel shelf with removable, round edged dividers for storage of up to 120 vinyl records

Dust particles can affect the sound of the album overtime so when not in use, keep those babies in their designated sleeves inside the cover. Polyethylene lined sleeves are our personal faves for keeping the dust and other record ailments away. When handling your records, try to only touch the outer edges and inner labels.

How To Clean Vinyl Records

If you can remember to do so, always dust your records before and after every use (especially if you are listening to a particular album on repeat). We mostly use Swiffer dusters or microfiber cloths (both can use for about 100 other household duties so a good thing to buy in bulk).

If your albums need a slightly deeper clean, we recommend The Groove Washer or The Spin Clean Record Washer Kit.

And for those super-grungy-used-record-store-finds who need a major wash, visit your local Vinyl Shop for a subsonic cleaning or if you want to invest in one of your own, The Vinyl Factory offers a solid list of ones to buy.

Wrensilva Media Consoles Assist with Longevity

Treating albums with care on the Wrensilva Standard 1 Console.

Every Wrensilva HiFi console is built with the finest materials to help aid the longevity of your albums. No matter how old the record is, our goal is to ensure it sounds amazing Every. Single. Time. Shop our collection to find the right Wrensilva model for you.