How do you ship the units?

Large items such as the M1 and Standard One consoles ship by freight in a wooden crate and are delivered curbside to your provided address.  Prior to immediate delivery our shipping provider will contact the client directly to schedule drop-off within a window of 2-3 hours.  However, as we know our clients live busy lives, white glove delivery service is also available at an additional cost which includes a very specific time of delivery, unpacking and disposal of the shipping crate, delivery into the modern stereo console's final room position.

Smaller items such as our Loft, Loft SE, and Monitor speakers ship via UPS Ground in a standard boxes.  

 How much is shipping and how long does it take to receive my order?

Each Wrensilva® product is very different in terms of size and weight and time it takes to build. 

Please add the item of interest to your shopping cart to see the shipping cost and current projected lead time to ship date.

Our consoles are all handbuilt and handwired in San Diego, California.  We try to be as accurate as possible with lead times, but we are a small company.  Please order with enough advance time for flexibility if your console is intended for a special occasion or as a gift.

 Do you allow local pick-up or have an option for local delivery?

Yes we do.  Please contact us directly at hello@wrensilva.com to inquire.  We are headquartered in San Diego, California.  We frequently deliver to and consider the Los Angeles area local as well, please contact us directly if you'd like a personalized delivery quote.

Do you ship internationally?

Typically, no.  Our consoles are large and are complex machines.  We do not currently have an international shipping or service network in place should something go wrong.

FOB orders are possible, meaning a local California sale can be executed.  After which we can assist by delivering one's console to the Port of San Diego, however at that point the customer must take over and arrange, pay for, and assume all responsibility for overseas shipping.

All Wrensilva consoles are built to operate on 60hz power, any Wrensilva console in a country using 50hz will need a frequency converter 


between the turntable motor and the power source (which we can explain upon request), but no consoles will be customized to accommodate this difference in power needs.  It is however, an easy modification, but still, we will assume no responsibility for a modification to our system.

And finally, the client must also take responsibility for any servicing of the console that may be needed in the future.  We can advise and assist via telephone or electronic communication with the client's local serviceperson, but we can't be more involved than that.  Unless of course you have a really sweet house and are going to fly us over and put us up somewhere fabulous for the duration.  That'd be alright  ;)

Do you do custom orders?

We do, but as they disrupt the workshop flow they can be costly.  Certain requests are relatively easy to execute, for example a different style of door or leg, exterior wood choice, etc. Other requests such as building a stereo console in custom dimensions are very difficult and discouraged.  We welcome all inquiries though, it never hurts to ask, if we are able to do it without disrupting production flow we will do it or we will generate a custom estimate for the extra work if the customization is extensive.

If I have a turntable already and want it built into the console, is that possible?

We'd rather not take the chance of damaging a turntable or record player that is precious to you.  We use quality turntable components in all our stereo consoles, please schedule a private audition to listen and we'll convince you.  One can never have too much music in life, please consider saving that turntable for another room

What turntable is used in your consoles?

We do not use a specific turntable in any of our stereo consoles.  The Wrensilva M1 comes equipped with VPI parts as well as Wrensilva parts and electronics.  Our Standard One and our Loft model are Wrensilva parts as well as components from another leading American turntable manufacturer whose name we are not at liberty to disclose as per our agreement.  However, we will say we stand firmly behind the quality of our components and affiliates.  Our stereo consoles sound amazing and we owe much of that to our partnerships.

I noticed your M1 and Standard One include Bluetooth but your Loft model does not.  Why is that?

Frankly, Bluetooth audio is very low quality and has a very short range.  The Wrensilva Loft is our latest release and for us is a step in the direction of what we feel is the future of streaming audio.  Every home to which we have ever delivered a console has WiFi, and Sonos® is on the forefront of WiFi mesh streaming audio.  Our modern stereo consoles' Sonos functionality provides a much higher quality sound, a range that extends as far as your WiFi does, a simple to use and free app that can control all your music services in one place, and the music doesn't sputter and stop when you leave the room or get a phone notification.  Not to mention you can broadcast your music to ANY Sonos product within range.  It's great technology and it's only getting better.

However, if you are in the immediate vicinity of your Wrensilva stereo console (as you would be to stream Bluetooth anyway), and say you have guests and everyone wants a turn playing their music and you miss the uber-convenience of Bluetooth...use the always provided 3.5mm jack in the console deck and plug your phone in.  We guarantee the audio will be much better than with Bluetooth, just as convenient, and even faster to switch between users.

If after experiencing a Wrensilva stereo console you still miss Bluetooth, it can easily be incorporated into your Wrensilva stereo console through the RCA jacks.  Aftermarket Bluetooth devices range wildly in terms of price and quality, if you choose to go this route we highly recommend Audioengine® brand devices for both quality and range.

What is the difference between your Loft model and the Loft Sonos Edition model?

In terms of the furniture construction and turntable assembly, both models are identical.  The difference is in the electronics:

The Loft model is equipped with a 300wpc Class D amplifier which will power any passive speaker on the market with which it is paired, for example, our Wrensilva Monitor speakers are traditional passive speakers.  The Loft is a powerful machine and contains many of the same electronics as our full size M1 and Standard One consoles. 

The Loft does have Sonos functionality and will operate with Sonos speakers, but as the system overall is set up with a more traditional interface of analog knobs/controls, any volume/tone adjustments with Sonos speakers still needs to be done in the Sonos app.

The Loft Sonos Edition model works exclusively with Sonos speakers.  This model cannot be used with passive speakers.  If one prefers to use the Loft as a standalone unit with wireless Sonos speakers elsewhere in the space, the Loft Sonos Edition is ideal. 

Optimized for the Sonos home, the volume knob on the Loft SE is synced with your Sonos app.

In addition, the selector knob on the unit makes it easy for the Sonos user to incorporate vinyl as well as other audio devices (via RCA and 3.5mm aux jacks) into their Sonos system.  It takes advantage of the amazing hifi technology that is the Sonos platform, but throws a little analog, traditional stereo system functions and sound into the mix. 

Seamlessly switch between vinyl, streaming, auxilliary devices, and control the music both on the Loft SE or in the Sonos app.

Loft vs Loft SE Summary

The Loft is for those who wish to use passive speakers, might also use Sonos speakers elsewhere, and like analog tone and volume controls, which will only be useful if The Loft is used with passive speakers.  If used only with Sonos speakers, volume must be controlled in the Sonos app.  The benefit of using passive speakers is that the turntable's analog signal remains analog.

The Loft Sonos Edition is for the Sonos home.  It will expand upon an already amazing Sonos experience by making it easier to build a complete system that includes all your audio devices, as well as give you an analog interface on the Loft SE so you can put down your phone and still enjoy controlling your music selection and volume.  It is a commitment however, to only using wireless Sonos speakers.  Given the superb quality and available selection of Sonos speakers, this is all many require.  When playing vinyl, the turntable's analog signal will be digitized to play through the Sonos speakers, but again for most, this is a non-issue as the difference in sound is negligible and the Loft SE's vinyl sound will blow away any streaming music service available. 

Do you refurbish vintage stereo consoles?

We do not  

Where can I see and hear your consoles?

Please email us at hello@wrensilva.com to schedule a private appointment.  If you'd like to see one in the wild, there are consoles out for public listening at Mister Brown's and Caffe Calabria, both in North Park, San Diego, CA.  We hope to be adding showroom locations to this list in the near future.

How do I see your Flux...

All requests to see our Flux Capacitor should be directed to scott@wrensilva.com

Got a not-so-frequently-asked question?

Hit us up at hello@wrensilva.com and we will respond most promptly and with questionable wit


Thanks and have a wonderful day!