Debra Salyer

Chief Design Officer

Scott Salyer

Chief Product Officer

Our Story

Husband and wife team Scott and Debra Salyer are the founders and heart behind WRENSILVA®. At a chance meeting in 2001 and to the tune of “The Cowboy Song” by Thin Lizzy as performed by the Supersuckers, they immediately recognized kindred spirits. They were young and full of spirits. Two years later they married.

The Salyers began their careers building various pieces for Scott’s recording studio, they realized that building furniture was a pastime at which they were skilled and that they enjoyed doing together. Over the coming years, they branched out to building commissioned furniture pieces for some of the most elegant homes in San Diego. Although successful and happy, they still missed their studio days and the challenge of designing pieces that they felt had true function and user interaction. They dreamed of getting back to their audio roots, but combining it with the skillset they had acquired and the caliber of materials to which they had grown accustomed to using as professional high-end furniture makers.

Those dreams led to late night conversations, those conversations led to new collaborations, those collaborations led to Wrensilva. Neither exactly remembers the music that was playing, but we’re sure it was something good.

Behind the Brand

Hand Crafted in San Diego, California since 2009