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Since 2016 Wrensilva® has been tirelessly exploring what music in the home can be like when the warmth and time-honored design of classic stereo consoles is merged with the most modern audio technology possible. The result is the elegant sound, beauty and simplicity of Wrensilva HiFi consoles.

Each record console is hand built in our San Diego shop using the finest techniques and woods available, with sustainability and the search for underutilized materials an everyday priority. And our proprietary acoustic and electronics design, combined with technology partnerships with leading audio brands like Sonos® and VPI®, ensure that each console is built to sound as good as it looks.

Whether you’re playing vinyl, streaming music, or both, the Wrensilva experience is designed from the ground up for simplicity and amazing stereo sound. The way music should be played.

Modern stereo consoles dedicated to reawakening the spirit of HiFi. Hand-built in San Diego, California.

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Hand Crafted in San Diego, California

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