Our Story

At a chance meeting in 2001 to the tune of “The Cowboy Song” by Thin Lizzy (as performed by the Supersuckers), Scott and Debra Salyer immediately recognized kindred spirits. Two years later they married.

They began their careers building furniture pieces for Scott’s recording studio, and over time their craftsmanship and reputation led to building commissioned furniture for some of the most elegant homes in San Diego. But they still missed their studio days and dreamed of getting back to their audio roots, and bringing along the caliber of materials and craft that they had grown accustomed to as high-end furniture makers.

Those dreams led to late night conversations, which led to product ideas, which led to new collaborations. One of those collaborations was with Greg Perlot, a former executive at Sonos and Quiksilver, and co-founder of the creative powerhouse 72andSunny. They wondered together what music in the home could be like if time-honored design and craftsmanship were brought back together with the most advanced audio technologies and music sources.

In 2016 that idea became Wrensilva.

Modern stereo consoles dedicated to reawakening the spirit of hifi. Hand-built in San Diego, California.


Debra Salyer, chief design officer

Scott Salyer, chief product officer

Greg Perlot, ceo

Behind the Brand

Hand Crafted in San Diego, California since 2009

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