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Club Series

Inspired by live music and our favorite venues, the Wrensilva® Club Series commemorates unforgettable nights at iconic clubs and the bands that played. Featuring curly ash exteriors, mother of pearl inlays, tweed wrapped detailing, and amp-inspired woven metal speaker screen, it’s a look and sound that’s timeless.

M1 Club Series

Big Size, Bigger Sound

The largest of the Club Series models, this M1 is based off the Wrensilva M1 flagship console, but just a little meaner in all the best ways. At 72” length and 300 watts per channel, the M1 is meant to fill your entire neighborhood with massive, hi-fidelity sound. Six listening modes. The M1 is the one that will rock the casbah.

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The Standard Club Series

All About Versatility

The Standard indeed, and we set standards high at Wrensilva. Slightly smaller than our flagship at 59” length, The Standard shares quite a bit in common with our M1, but within a smaller footprint. Six listening modes of wrinkle-free hifi euphoria.

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Loft Club Series

Small But Mighty

Our smallest model at 32” length and 100 watts per channel, the Club Series Loft has all the ferocity of her big sisters and a soulful roar meant to break hearts. Three listening modes. We liken her to Debbie Harry with a switchblade in her boot. You’ll fall in love instantly.

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