Wrensilva x Gold-Diggers - Making Music in Hollywood

A perfectly tuned bar, venue, boutique hotel, and recording studio

“There’s a nostalgia and vintage element to something you can hold and grasp.” That’s one of the first things founder/owner Dave Neupert said when we sat down to chat about his East Hollywood bar/hotel/recording studio Gold-Diggers.  The building at 5632 Santa Monica Blvd lay dormant for 40 years before Dave took ownership of the space.  It was a virtual time capsule in the best possible way. The renovation team found boxes of cassettes, many still in shrink-wrap with Tower Records labels on them. 

outside of Gold-Diggers venue  

Dave didn’t start out with the intent to create a “drink, sleep, record” campus, but the property dictated the idea and that’s exactly what Gold-Diggers offers. Artists record in the studio, stay in the hotel and frequent the bar. The environment is fueled by music, from live music in the bar/venue & recording studio to boom boxes in the hotel rooms and some of the very same cassette tapes that were discovered during the renovation.

The recording studio at Gold-Diggers 

Vinyl is also a big part of Gold-Diggers’ ethos. The DJs spin vinyl. The vinyl selection in the hotel is curated by Justin Gage from Aquarium Drunkard. Of course Gold-Diggers also utilizes streaming technology so it’s no surprise that Wrensilva was a natural fit for the campus - specifically the state-of-the-art recording studio. The M1 console presides over the Gold-Diggers Sound lobby. As Dave told us, “The product is amazing.  It’s beautifully crafted.  It fits in with our design esthetic. The quality of the hi-fi is great and it’s a nice compliment to our studio space.“

 Wrensilva record console at Gold-Diggers 

Dave thoughtfully considered both history and the future in the development of the Gold-Diggers campus. From vintage touches in the décor to state of the art studio and venue equipment, both old and new exist harmoniously.  We feel perfectly at home in the space and we are happy to contribute our own mash-up of old and new in the form of a Wrensilva console.

Catch the M1 in action here

Contact us at hello@wrensilva.com to check out the M1 at Gold-Diggers by appointment