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Wrensilva® presents the latest addition to our product family...

Introducing the Wrensilva Loft

All the power and connectivity of our classic full size consoles packed into a much smaller footprint, the Wrensilva Loft is a fresh take on the modern record player console.

Upholding Wrensilva values of thoughtful design and American craftmanship united with high fidelity analog and streaming audio, the Loft record player console is equipped with a 300 watts per channel Wrensilva amplifier, a fantastic sounding turntable, state-of-the-art SONOS® functionality, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a set of RCA inputs for anything from an old school cassette deck to a digital cable box.

Available for purchase as a standalone unit that can be used with even the most demanding speakers on the market and the ability to connect wirelessly to all Sonos speakers throughout your home, or for purchase as a complete package with matching Wrensilva Monitor speakers and included welded steel speaker stands. The Loft record player console offers a truly elegant and flexible option to our line up.

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Wrensilva Features
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  • Wrensilva solid state pre-amp
  • 300 wpc Class D output - IcePower by Bang & Olufsen

Speakers (Optional)

  • Wrensilva 2-way bass reflex
  • LF Driver- 6.5" Nomex cone
  • HF Driver- 1" Textile dome
  • Crossover frequency 1700hz
  • 44 hz - 20k hz +/- 2db
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  • Fully decoupled belt driven turntable
  • Wrensilva 1 1/8" dual layer wood + acrylic, split plinth construction
  • OA2 precision Gimbal tonearm
  • Hurst 24v AC synchronous motor
  • 3/4" Acrylic platter
  • Ortofon 2m Red MM Cartridge
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  • Seamless switching between vinyl and streaming music
  • Pair your Wrensilva stereo console with existing Sonos speakers throughout your home
  • WiFi mesh streaming for a super high quality and dependable audio signal. Your music won't cut out when you answer the phone or exit the room.
  • Access all your online music services, internet radio stations, etc through one easy-to-use app
  • Continuing software updates ensures your technology is always current
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System + Connectivity

Four listening modes:

  • Vinyl
  • Sonos high fidelity WiFi mesh streaming
  • Mobile (3.5mm jack)
  • Auxiliary (RCA)

Connecting to existing systems:

  • Sonos allows you to broadcast from your Wrensilva stereo console to any Sonos speaker throughout your building.
  • Pre pre-amp Audio Output Jacks easily tie into existing in-wall audio systems.
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  • Constructed of solid North American Walnut hardwood with gloss white acrylic details
  • Sculptural console base and *(optional)* speaker stands are naturally patinaed hand welded steel
  • Leveling feet
  • Solid aluminum knobs and engraved faceplates
  • Steel shelf with removable, round edged dividers for storage of up to 120 vinyl records
  • Capture tray for record brush, mobile device, etc
  • Now Spinning record sleeve display slot in lid
  • Dimensions 28"W x 33"H x 18"D
Wrensilva Specifications

"It can be a daunting task to put together a great hi-fi system that has a look to match a high-quality sound. But this Loft Record Console from Wrensilva has been carefully curated to give you everything you need"

"Wrensilva has unveiled its latest creation with the Wrensilva Loft, a fresh take on the modern record console”

"Unlike old-school record consoles, this one packs modern touches -- wireless connectivity”

"The combination of high design, attention to detail, and technical ability make this console hard to beat”