Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I see and hear your consoles?

Wrensilva Showroom is located at 3220 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

Showroom hours

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

*please call ahead to schedule a private demo*

(800) 292-6353

Does Wrensilva have a to-the-trade program?

Yes we do! Wrensilva is happy to partner with AV professionals, interior designers, and architects. Please enter your info into the form on this page if you'd like to take advantage of our to-the-trade program.

Benefits include:
First looks at any new Wrensilva products
Flexible payment options
Material samples and product literature
To-the-trade pricing program

Do you offer financing or a payment plan?

Wrensilva is please to offer a split-payment option. Contact us for details:


Phone: 1-800-292-6353

Live chat

If I have a turntable already and want it built into the console, is that possible?

No. We've carefully selected the turntable components in all our stereo consoles to deliver the Wrensilva audio experience we're known for. But you can never have too much music in your home, please consider saving that turntable for another room

What turntable is used in your consoles?

We do not use a standard retail turntable in any of our stereo consoles. The Wrensilva M1 comes equipped with VPI parts as well as Wrensilva parts and electronics. Our Standard One and Loft models use Wrensilva parts as well as components from another leading American turntable manufacturer whose name we are not at liberty to disclose as per our agreement. We stand firmly behind the quality of our components and partners, and believe the music experience is unmatched by off-the-shelf solutions.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet. FOB orders are possible, meaning a local California sale can be executed. After which we can assist by delivering the console to the Port of San Diego, however at that point the customer must take over and arrange, pay for, and assume all responsibility for overseas shipping and service.

Note that all Wrensilva consoles are built to operate on 60hz power, any Wrensilva console in a country using 50hz will need a frequency converter between the turntable motor and the power source (which we can explain upon request).

Do you do rush orders?

At this time, all of our consoles are hand-built and have a lead time before they are ready to ship. It would be unfair to put any one customer ahead of another, we fulfill orders in the order sequence that they are placed. However, all good things are worth waiting for, and we build great consoles. If you have a console in mind as a gift and would like something to present on a specific date, please see next question

What can you do for orders intended as a gift?  

Email us at ! All of our consoles have a lead time to ship date, but in the event that the order was (or will be) placed close to the special date, no need to worry. We put together great gift packages so you'll have something impressive to present. We can put together a simple complementary package that includes product literature and Wrensilva apparel, or we can put together a package that is more involved. Either way, we can provide an impressive package in advance of the console that will convey and create excitement for the 'big gift' of their Wrensilva record console.

Do you do custom orders?

Not typically, but it never hurts to ask. If we are able to do it without disrupting production flow we will generate an estimate for the extra customization work involved.

What is the difference between the Standard One and M1 models?

There are a few key differences:


M1 is our largest model at 72L x 24D x 32H

Standard One is available in 2 sizes: 64L x 20D x 29H or 59L x 19D x 28H



M1- available in all Walnut or White exterior with slatted doors

Standard One- available in Walnut or Rift-sawn Oak exterior with reeded doors



The Standard One has large speakers, The M1 has even larger ones. The Standard One sounds huge, the M1 sounds window-rattling massive


Cartridge- M1 has Ortofon 2mm Bronze; Standard One has Ortofon 2mm Red

Record Storage- The M1 stores approximately 30 more records than the Standard's 180

Plinth- The M1 has an acrylic plinth vs the Standard's wood plinth

What if I want the size of the Standard One but with the M1 finishes?

This is one of our most popular requests and one we are happy to accommodate :) Please email us or call (800) 292-6353 and we will set the order up for you

Do all of your consoles work with Sonos?

Yes they do!

However, we make 2 different types of consoles with this key difference:

Our Loft, Standard One, and M1 are essentially traditional, analog consoles. The music coming from our Wrensilva passive speakers is the same analog signal coming from the turntable. These consoles however, have a "Sonos" position on the selector knob that allows the user to stream digital music into the console via Sonos (to which you can add services like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc) and also the ability to digitize whatever is being played (vinyl, cd, streaming, etc) on the console so that it can be broadcast it to any Sonos speaker throughout the building, with the analog signal converted to digital, the music everywhere will now be in sync when in "Sonos" mode.

Our Sonos Edition Console, however, is really geared for the avid Sonos-user that craves the analog experience of playing vinyl records, but isn't overly concerned with maintaining the vinyl's analog signal, they simply want a record console that is the most Sonos-optimized it can be in all playback modes. The vinyl (and any other music source) is played through the console's Sonos Play:5 speakers already digitized and ready to broadcast to any Sonos speaker throughout the building in sync without being in "Sonos" mode which is necessary on our analog consoles, and the volume knob on the Sonos Edition Console is synced with the Sonos app for volume control and also to pause/unpause the audio.

All of our consoles work with Sonos, but the Loft, Standard One, and M1 work differently (analog experience first) than our Sonos Edition Console (Sonos experience first).

Is there a marked difference between a pure analog signal and a digitized one? That is an argument going back to the dinosaurs ;) But if there is, it is negligible. What is important is that your console is chosen by the way you listen and the listening experience that is best suited to your lifestyle.

UPDATE: Our Sonos Edition Console is SOLD OUT for 2020. If you were considering purchasing this model and would like to discuss whether our Standard One or M1 would suit your needs, please contact us here

Your Loft is sold out?

It is, but stay tuned! We've been hard at work on a new 2021 model that we'll be rolling out this Fall. Please sign up to our mailing list if you wish to be notified when it goes live


How much is shipping and how long does it take to receive my order?

Each Wrensilva® product is very different in terms of size and weight and time it takes to build.

Please reference the chart at the top of our Shipping Page to see the shipping cost and current projected lead time to ship date.

Our consoles are all handbuilt and handwired in San Diego, California. We try to be as accurate as possible with lead times but please order with enough advance time for flexibility if your console is intended for a special occasion or as a gift.

How do you ship your consoles?

Smaller items such as our Loft and Monitor speakers ship via FedEx Ground in standard cardboard boxes.

Large items such as the M1 and Standard One consoles ship via freight in a wooden or cardboard crate. When the console reaches the local terminal, the shipping provider will call the customer directly to schedule drop-off within a window of 2-3 hours, customer's choice as to which business day the delivery is performed. The freight company will wheel the crated console into your garage or street-level entrance. They will not unbox, carry up stairs, or set up the console. White Glove Service is available as an add-on.

Is white-glove delivery included, if not, is it an option?

White-glove is not included, but yes it is an option by request and subject to additional cost.

Our standard console delivery is performed by a cross-country freighting company, and while the drivers may move things, they aren't 'movers'. This service (white-glove) needs to be arranged in advance, possibly with a third party.

Wrensilva is happy to request quotes from local providers of white-glove service (typically they are local moving companies) and the cost of that additional service is generally between $150-$250 depending on what companies are available. White-glove delivery includes a very specific time of delivery, unpacking and disposal of the shipping crate, and delivery into the console's final room position. It does not include the setting up of the console.

I travel a lot, will I be contacted before my order ships?

Absolutely. As these are high value packages, we never ship a console without contacting the customer first to check scheduling concerns and affirm that someone will be available to accept and confirm a successful delivery. A representative will reach out about a week before the projected ship date to inquire about availability to accept delivery, confirm your shipping address, and inquire about any special considerations. Tracking information for all products will be provided upon shipping.

Do you allow local pick-up or have an option for local delivery?

Yes. Please contact us directly at to inquire. We are headquartered in San Diego, California.

My item arrived damaged.  What should I do?


Please refuse delivery and immediately give the unboxed unit back to the delivery driver. Providing your signature at delivery is affirming to the delivery company that the package arrived in good condition. This severely complicates the return process.

If however, you or another has already signed and accepted delivery of the damaged unit, please DO NOT DISPOSE OF PACKAGING and contact us immediately at We will assess the situation on a case by case basis to determine whether the item needs to be returned or can be easily serviced by a local technician. Again, please keep the packaging. Should the item need to be returned for replacement, you will need the packaging to return the item and we will need it to negotiate damages and reshipping in both directions with the carrier. Any photographic documentation of the unopened package is also appreciated.

Finally, we gladly will take care of any units that have been damaged in transit and will work quickly to resolve any issue, however we do not ship replacement units for consoles that have not been returned to us. The exception to this is if you consent that we will place a hold charge for the additional unit should the first item not be returned.


I received my console and love it.  However, I'm having trouble installing the turntable belt?  Is this the correct belt?

Yes it is. Turntable belts are just slightly awkward to install until one gets the hang of how to do it. Here's a video of our favorite method: Turntable SetUp

Is Wrensilva hiring?

We are always on the lookout for new talent!

If you have a background that you feel would be a great addition to Wrensilva, please send us your resume and a short introduction to yourself and your skills within the body of the email. Resumes sent with only an attachment, no introduction, will not be opened.

Send here:

We look forward to hearing from you!



(800) 292-6353

Live chat

Wrensilva Showroom
3220 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

Showroom hours

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

*please call ahead to schedule a private demo*