The Ultimate in Modern Media Consoles

A HiFi Stereo Cabinet by Wrensilva with Sonos Streaming Built-in

media console playing music in living room

We believe that clean, functional design touches every aspect of your life. And when you’re shopping for a statement entertainment piece, no ordinary media console will do.  

You require something that goes beyond traditional component storage, while moving you ever closer toward enlightening HiFi territories. So, opt for timeless elegance. Opt for the perfect mix of analogue and digital. Opt for a modern media console by Wrensilva.


Invest in a media console of modern consequence

Full-range sound. Music in true stereo. A spacious interior to stack your electronics and records. A look that’s the envy of every guest you invite over to listen. With its spare-no-detail, floating built-in turntable for all of your favorite vinyl, you get top-shelf audio quality that fills the entire room and mesmerizes when you’re listening from the sweet spot.

And once you drop the needle, take that sound with you throughout the house. Wrensilva stereo consoles also come with Sonos streaming technology built-in, letting you spin all the music in your record collection and connect it to other Sonos speakers in your abode for whole-home music streaming.

hand built media console

Spin Derek and the Dominoes and stream it to the garage while you wrench on the fastback. Give Wilco a whirl and stream it to the patio while you entertain guests. It’s super easy while making for the nostalgic mode of music operation you can’t get enough of.

Wrensilva media consoles also feature a suite of inputs to connect other gear — and even come with braced, acoustically dampened speakers that isolate vibration. Enjoy pristine sound that’s clear and inviting.

Designed with exquisite, uncompromising detail

Polished wood grain. Solid aluminum control knobs. An upper wood deck that lights up with a warm glow when you’re playing records. That beautiful form you can’t help but admire every time you see it in the room. 

Plus, exquisite, sustainably sourced wood selections and lush finishes to choose from. Consider it furniture stopping power made precisely for your audiophile sensibilities. 

And think of your Wrensilva media console as the authentic choice. The piece that only gets better with age. The handcrafted media console — engineered and built one at time in the temperate climes of San Diego — that informs the listening experience. That coveted piece in your home whose import only grows for the generations to come.