Wrensilva PRESENTS: The Club Series

Wrensilva’s New Collection Pays Homage to Live Music and Our Favorite Venues

The Club Series on stage at Pappy & Harriet’s

Inspired by unforgettable nights at iconic clubs and the bands that played, Wrensilva® is pleased to introduce the Club Series. Commemorating the brand’s favorite venues, the Club Series features the M1, The Standard and Loft with curly ash exteriors, mother of pearl inlays, tweed-wrapped detailing and amp-inspired woven metal speaker screens. It’s a look and sound that's timeless yet never more relevant than today.

Like all Wrensilva consoles, the Club Series offers multiple and seamless listening modes—Vinyl, Sonos and Bluetooth—and is proudly hand-built from the ground up in California. Renowned for its acoustic properties but rarely used in furniture, the beautiful curly ash exteriors offer a sleek nod to the instruments that inspire this look.

The Club Series was shot in the desert at the iconic music haunt, Pappy & Harriet’s, one of the brand’s favorite music venues and the perfect setting to capture the spirit of this launch and celebrate live music. Standing center stage, the consoles are one with Pappy & Harriet’s gritty Americana aura – as if part of the musical act themselves.

While the live show can never be replaced, the Club Series honors it and those that dedicate themselves to keeping it alive. It’s a reminder to support the creation of music by continuing to see the shows and buy the albums of these talented and hardworking musicians that have touched so many with the gift of music.

Read on to hear more about the journey of creating the Club Series with Wrensilva Chief Design Officer, Debra Salyer.

How does the Club Series celebrate live music and our favorite venues?

Some of my favorite albums are live recordings. If it is performed well and recorded well and the extra layer of studio-recorded production and editing is non-existent, the best of the artist can shine through. At Wrensilva, we’ve worked hard to develop a sound for our consoles that most closely reproduces any given artist’s sound without coloring it. True high fidelity audio is not its own sound, it is a faithful reproduction of a performance.

What was the design inspiration?

The design inspiration was different musical instruments I’ve seen and that have captured my imagination over the years. Even as a little girl, a family friend owned a Gibson Hummingbird and I remember being enthralled with it. Not only the sound but the beauty and craftsmanship of it. Other details have caught my fixation over the years, for example, the metal mesh we used on the Club Series speaker screens is often used on amps, but I never had anywhere that seemed right to use these small details. The Club Series was a blast to design, it was finally the right place to play with details found in classic luthier craftsmanship and materials that I’d mentally held on to for years.

What do you love about the curly ash exteriors?

If one takes a close look at the cover of 'Born to Run' by Bruce Springsteen, those of a keen eye may notice something. That guitar on the cover is an ash guitar, specifically a Fender Telecaster – it is magnificent.  

Why was Pappy and Harriet’s the perfect location for this shoot?

I’ve been going out there to see shows for years, and I just love the venue and the owners. Not only do they attract world-class performers, Pappy & Harriet’s, the desert, and obviously Pioneertown, have this wild West vibe that speaks to me. Anything is possible and the world is still big when I’m there.

What excites you the most about this new design?

I love going to live shows and I know so many musicians. I know the craftsmanship that goes into making instruments, the heart and soul that is the price of creatively expressing oneself through music, the determination and love of music it takes to keep a dream alive for yourself and others. That like our consoles, one might have jigs, processes and sometimes limits, but each and everyone only comes to life through human hands and the love we put into them. I like thinking that with this collection the people who have given so much of themselves feel the love back.